1999 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

This is a new ground for me. I never photograph "trucks" let alone a Jeep (never been a huge fan of Jeep) but this one I'm okay with. Good friend of mine owns this Jeep. After his 3 series yesterday, he wanted to go back out for more with his Jeep. Aside from the fact half the locations involved gravel so I was doing donuts in the Miata, his Jeep turned out to be very fun to work with because of all the angles that I could get. The best part is each angle shows a completely different part of the truck. I'm especially liking the two desaturation edits in this upload (I'm falling in love with desaturation somebody help me). I'm also really liking those loading docks, but who knows how long it will be until the owners notice and I have to go find a new set of semi-abandoned loading docks. All in all, still wouldn't really own one, but I would definitely go off-roading in one, and it's pretty fun to be a tiny Miata next to this giant lifted Jeep.

Shot on iPhone X