2001 BMW 330ci (Standard_E46)

Reshoot of @Standard_E46! Also as stated on the Instagram page earlier today, the logo and watermark has been updated to a new version I worked on! I'm very late on this upload due to scheduling and having to re-edit to switch to the new watermarks. A couple things to note here, the last photo is the first vertical shot. The owner wanted something that would be good for an iPhone screen, so I went ahead angling the logo. It's always a pleasure working with the owner. I'm also starting to feel very confident in my shots. The first shot I'm really proud of actually. I was planning on leaving it full color but my creativity got the best of me (good thing it did!). All in all I couldn't of asked for a smoother shoot (just hope next time there's more time to pick up enough shots to do around 30 edits. The next upload coming is something I've never done before and I'm extremely excited to upload it on Wednesday!

Shot on Nikon D3400 (lens 70-300mm, 18-55mm)