2017 Fiat 500 Abarth (WickdBlu)

Unless I decide to do anything else with my car, this will be the last shoot of it as I have finished the exterior for a long time to focus on my Miata. I went a little edit heavy with one or two photos. Not sure why, just felt like it would be a fun difference from my normal pictures. The rear shot I took perfectly shows off the SuperSprint exhaust system I have on the car, as you can see it running underneath. The last edit was a last second ideas to see if I could make the car look like it was sketched by graphite, and I like the results of it. I honestly still do not think I will ever love a car as much as I love this car and its screaming four cylinder (anybody who has heard it, knows I'm serious. It screams.) engine. I'm also running flares now obviously and some Enkei Compe 15x8 wheels with bolt in spacers to adapt the bolt pattern. For now WickdBlu is done and I can happily say that I have loved every second of building it. Now to enjoy it all.

Shot on iPhone X