2018 BMW M3 Competition Package (F80)

Another revisit being done here with the DSLR. Pennsylvania is surprisingly home to many parks. It was certainly difficult to find our way to this spot. Took us around four wrongs turns before we finally found the spot we were actually looking for. I'm extremely happy with how all of these shots came out. Working with a Tanzanite Blue color is always fun because it's very vibrant when it comes to reflections. With my CPL missing i have to work hard to make sure that I'm not caught in any reflections, though I did fail on one with the Miata somewhat peeking in (The place was crowded, really didn't have a spot to hide the Miata). In the end I'm very happy that I was able to revisit this stunning car. Definitely improved the shots of this car using a proper body and lens'. 

Shot on Nikon D3400 (lens 70-300mm, 18-55mm)