2018 BMW M3 (F80)

This is, without a doubt, my favorite shot I have ever taken. My brother wanted a picture of his car that really made the car look like a marvel. I got straight to work. I took about fifty shots and went through all of them. Finally I found one shot that I liked. After spending a couple hours working, I finished desaturating and restoring the iconic colors and badge of the M3. Finally I got back into my software to finish up the surrounding areas of the image, before finally exporting it and sending it to him. His immediate response was "Send me a full quality picture now please". That was all I needed to hear to know that he was happy with the shot. I have never taken a shot that I loved more. I honestly don't know if I will even be able to top a shot like this, but I hope that I someday learn more and top this picture.

Shot on iPhone X