2020 BMW M340i (G20)

I believe that BMW has done it. The new G20 340i really makes me question the need for a true M car. 0-60 Comes in at not too much slower than the F80 M3. It’s safe to say that BMW has done right with the B58 motor… but I still don’t like it in the new Supra.

Shot on Nikon D3400 (lens 50mm prime 1.8g)

2015 BMW 435i xDrive Maya_f32 Parking Garage Shoot

It’s been awhile but @maya_f32 has done some exterior upgrades to their car, so it’s time for a new photoshoot of course. We found some new secret spots to take photos and I think my work is slowly starting to show some progress.

Shot on nikon D3400 (Lens 50mm Prime 1.8G)

West Palm Beach Cars & Coffee

Recently I took a trip down to Tampa, Florida to visit some friends. Incredibly sleep deprived, I made my way with them over to West Palm Beach for a Cars & Coffee event. Before this I’ve never been to Florida in my life. I can honestly say that I can’t wait to go back. The car culture is such a great opportunity to expand my skills and meet a ton of new people.

Shot on Nikon D3400 (Lens 50mm prime 1.8g)

Fiat on the Dragon (May 1st - May 5th)

The Biggest Fiat event on the year has come!! All the way out in Tennessee, Abarths and other cars race US129 (AKA The Dragon) in a multi day event. This event as absolutely crazy and I can say that I definitely have never driven my car that far before. I’ve definitely never driven it that had before for sure. Next year will be crazy, but this year is great. Some people from here dragged me down to Tampa a month later. Expect a couple Cars & Coffee pics soon!

Shot on Nikon D3400 (Lens 50mm Prime 1.8g)

S.I. Abarths Garage Meetup

A new Fiat group has emerged from the ground! We were short one member because he couldn’t make it out, but nonetheless the group is finally coming together. Featuring @WickdBlu, @mikey_turbos, and @joeycannolii, expect to see a lot more of the group around Instagram and the website as we try to organize meetups and shoots. I’m happy to be apart of this group (Wickdblu is my car) and I can’t wait to see how this group grows and expand as more Abarths have been showing up on Staten Island.

Shot on Nikon D3400 (Lens 50mm prime 1.8g)

The Reunion Shoot (standard_e46)

It’s been five months, and that meant it was time for a reunion with @standard_e46! Nothing has really changed with his build. Actually nothing has at all, except that it’s on winter tires currently. But meeting up to just hang around and shoot the car is always a good time when our crazy schedules allow for it! I’m not sure when there will be more of his car, but given the 2 mile difference between our places of work, it should hopefully be soon!

Shot on Nikon D3400 (Lens 50mm prime 1.8g)

2015 BMW 435i xDrive (maya_f32) S.I. Shoot

(click to enlarge photo)

Shoots with the main man @maya_f32 are most likely going to become a seasonal event. Once some snow really hits in the Tri-State area, we’ll definitely be out shooting again. I’m really liking how this prime 50mm 1.8g lens is turning out. I’m noticing I really need to replace my polarizer soon, as it’s really not good enough.

I really tried to go all out with a lot of these shots with proper depth, or reflections (The centered shot on the parking garage for example. The car looks pastel flat black almost). I made sure to really communicate with the owner of maya as well to make sure that everything they wanted, I was able to fulfill.

Shot on Nikon D3400 (lens 50mm prime 1.8g)

Lightning M4 Reveal Event

I want to start off here by giving a congratulations to everybody involved with this build. So to @LightningM4@moemodz@corsaautodesign and everybody else involved, you guys killed this build! The reveal event was a huge success. I'm completely floored by how this car turned out. All of the little details on the exterior are absolutely insane. The headlights are my favorite part of the build. I've seen many M cars in the past from my previous job, but none of them compare to this build. Huge props to everybody involved. I cannot wait to see what the future hold for this car!

Shot on Nikon D3400 (50mm prime 1.8g lens)

Euro Kult / BMW Of Springfield Cars & Coffee (Full Event Coverage)